Lesley McElwain

Principal; Ballet, Jazz & Contemporary Teacher

Lesley graduated from the New Zealand School of Dance in 2000, where she studied classical ballet and contemporary dance full time. Not long after graduating she set up Instep Dance Studio as a way for her to share her knowledge and passion with children. She holds an associate diploma qualification in dance teaching and has been running Instep Dance Studio for 18 years.

Tammy Edwards

Pre-Primary & Primary Ballet, 5th Year Contemporary Teacher

Tammy is also a graduate of the New Zealand School of Dance. She has many years of teaching experience in Wellington and holds her associate qualification in dance teaching. 2021 will be Tammy's eighth year with Instep Dance Studio.

Caterina Moreno

Beginners & 2nd Year Contemporary Teacher

Caterina is a graduate of Instep and has successfully passed all her ballet & jazz exams up to and including Advanced 2. She is currently studying contemporary dance full time at the NZ School of Dance.

Erin Clark

Preschool Ballet Teacher

Erin is currently an Advanced 2 ballet, jazz and contemporary student at Instep.

Lauren Small

Relief Preschool Ballet Teacher

Lauren is an Instep Dance Studio graduate who has her Advanced 1 ballet and jazz exams as well as contemporary dance experience. Lauren has been teaching for Instep for four years.

Amelie Moriarty

Teacher Aide, Preschool and Primary Ballet

Amelie is currently an Advanced 1 jazz, ballet & contemporary student at Instep.

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